Can I name my own delivery day?
No. At this point we are only able to deliver on the designated days for your area (to keeps costs and prices low.). Please check back regularly as this may change as we expand.

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to homes in and around the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Great Lakes areas. Go to the homepage and enter your postcode in the Check your delivery day box to see if we can deliver to your area.

What if I'm not home when the delivery arrives?
You can leave a short delivery instruction on your order, telling the delivery person where to leave your goods if you are not at home. It only needs to be short and to the point, for example:
"Go through side gate and leave in shady spot by back door."
Your goods are delivered in re-usable polystyrene boxes, and because the food is so fresh, it will last several hours un-refrigerated. We recommend making a clear path to a cool shady place in your front or back yard, and leave your empty delivery box where the delivery person can see it and take it with them to be cleaned and reused.

What happens on Public Holidays?
We will inform you when any delivery day change is necessary, by either phone or email. You will be notified of the new day and when the usual delivery day will resume.

What do I do with the empty delivery boxes?
Please leave the empty delivery box where you want the new delivery to be placed. That way it can be collected and reused.

What if I make a mistake in my order form?
If you still made a mistake after payment, email and explain your mistake there.

Is there a quality guarantee?
Yes, we do provide a quality guarantee, as we pride ourselves in our quality and service.

What do I do with any product I am not satisfied with?
We guarantee to deliver premium quality, market fresh produce direct to your door. We will gladly replace any item you are not satisfied with. You can send an email to, or phone 0417 296 783.

Will I always receive every product I request?
It is possible that at times a specific item is not available due to seasonal fluctuations, weather conditions, transport problems or even that the item did not meet our quality standards on the day. In this very rare instance, you will be notified of unavailable products on your order receipt.

More questions?
Do you have a question that wasn't answered on this page? Let us know and we will help you out.
Mobile: 0417 296 783